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Elizabeth Scott, The Women's Counselor

Women in pain need answers, transformation, and real healing for emotional, spiritual, and psychological concerns. She can address these issues with clinical counseling methods or integrate clinical counseling with Christ-centered methods. Your choice.

Receive help to overcome depression, worry, anxiety, and anger. Christ says that He came that we might have "abundant life" (John 10:10). I can identify spiritual oppression and minister women out of it. It is an honor to work with hurting women and to see the breakthroughs that occur.

Get clear direction, hope, training, and renewed strength. As a woman's pastor and counselor, I specialize in helping women break lifelong, ingrained habits, and destructive behaviors.

Ethical Considerations

As your counselor, I am honored to help you. In doing so, I want to clearly express my role in the counseling    process.

  • My role is to listen and work with you to create goals and solutions in agreement with the intentions you have for your life.
  • My actions will be in your best interest. Our conversations will be focused only on the need for which you have requested counseling.
  • I will make every effort to be honest in my communication and preparation and to be nonjudgmental, non-critical, respectful, and empathetic in our conversations.
  • To the best of my ability I will counsel, coach, and teach with a variety of methods and therapies to help you find solutions as you head toward your desired healing.

Elizabeth received her Master of Arts in Counseling and Ministry, Magna cum laude, from Liberty University. She uses advanced therapies and has been trained by some of the leading experts in the fields of community care and counseling including Dr. Charles Kraft and Dr. Alex Loyd. Elizabeth is in touch with the issues facing individuals and families in today's culture. She has in-depth knowledge and personal experience with some of life's very difficult issues.

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