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Michigan-based women's solution counselor, Elizabeth Scott, helps you overcome challenges in your life and move towards a journey filled with growth and well-being. Whether you are looking for guidance, or to empower yourself in a new direction, she is here for you. 

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Everyone goes through difficult challenges in life. I can help you find solutions for relationship skill building, develop emotional intelligence, and break hurtful habits. Learn brain-training and exercises that enhance relationship capabilities.



 EMDR-based therapies

Caring Ministry

Healing & Answers

Experience caring ministry and deep-healing. Connect with God. Get answers to your questions about God, the Bible, and the importance of your life in God's eyes. Receive inner-healing & freedom

Break trauma, depression, anxiety, co-dependency, anger and more. Discover "Peak Performance" and "Smarter Student". People all over the world have gained remarkable relief and breakthroughs with therapies for emotional healing. 

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Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety is a constant fearful state. It is accompanied by a feeling of unrest, dread, or worry. The person may not be aware of what is creating the fear, however, you can discover how to conquer anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. Hear Pamela's Story Get Help


Many times an addiction is a symptom of another issue that has not been resolved.  Pain that is not properly examined and processed can lead to acting out in ways that lead to addiction in many forms.  I walk with those dealing with addiction and help them connect with God, who has the power and authority to break all addictions. Hear Daniel's Story Get Help


If you have suffered from the abuse of another person, it is not your fault and there is hope.  Dealing with the pain of abuse can be a long road of healing. I can guide you in overcoming the pain of abuse.
 Hear Jane's
Story Get Help


Anger is a God given emotion against injustice.  Even Jesus got angry.  Remaining angry is where the trouble comes in. Forgiveness and peace can be experience if you follow biblical lessons for anger.
  Hear Pamela's Story  Get Help


Fear is a common symptom of other issues that have not been resolved.  Addressing past issues and seeking the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ, will help you overcome fears that you are experiencing.
 Hear Daniel's Story  Get Help


Feeling alone is often coupled with depression or anxiety.  We are never truly alone.  Connecting with God and others will help defeat feelings of loneliness. Hear Brad's Story  Get Help



People who self-injure commonly report they feel empty inside, over or under stimulated, unable to express their feelings, lonely, not understood by others and fearful of intimate relationships and adult responsibilities. Self-injury can also be a way to have control over your body when you can’t control anything else in your life. God's love can fill an empty heart and you can get the self-control that you need.  Hear Brad's Story  Get Help



Depression literally means to press something down.  Pushing down emotions and not expressing them or dealing with them leads to emotional depression.  I can walk with those in depression and help them connect with the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ. Hear Pamela's Story Get Help


Individuals on a destructive course have a pattern of abusive behavior to themselves, others, or things. We encourage you to reach out to us for help. Shame and isolation are a trap. Find a way out with Jesus leading the way. Hear Simeon's Story Get Help



Experiencing terrible news or life changing events can damage our hope for the future.  I can show you true hope and excitement for what God has in store for you in your life. Hear Andrew's Story  Get Help


When too much is happening in or around you, feeling overwhemed can set in and stay. I can help you identify what matters most. Hear Angela's Story  Get Help


Substance Abuse
What may start out as a social expression can often overtake a person's life. There are many reasons for substance abuse and the ultimate answer is found in Christ. I can help you break free from the hooks that pull you around like a puppet. Hear Jane's Story Get Help

Sex Addiction
Problematic Sexual Behavior is any repetitive sexual behavior that exceeds a person's relationship commitments, personal values, or self-control. It also robs a person of a meaningful relationship with a life-long spouse. With Christ there is true help for recovery and a life of sexual health. Recovery does happen.  Hear Daniel's Story  Get Help


Suicide touches every type of person in every walk of life.  Thoughts of suicide are often present in our deepest darkest times.  Dealing with the pain that leads to those times is key to overcoming a problem with suicide.  There is hope.  Set Free can show you the hope when you are broken hearted. Hear Shaun's Story Get Help


God loves you so very much.

The Women's Counselor offers a spiritual cleansing method, that works with individuals struggling with many different types of dependencies and addictions.