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Inner Healing Ministry, Answers & Freedom

Inner healing is a method of ministry where you connect to Jesus in a profound way. It is not your everyday, ordinary ministry or prayer session. You will truly connect to the Lord in a very meaningful way.

How did the Inner Healing Prayer Ministry begin?

The Inner healing movement began in the 1970’s and is refined today through ministries like mine.

Francis and Judith MacNutt, early ministers of the inner healing ministry, describe it this way,

"It takes the memories of our past and heals them from the effects of those emotional wounds that still remain and affect our daily lives. Jesus can fill you with His love in all of those places that have been empty for so long."

This is an amazing ministry of the Holy Spirit. Problems can take on a life of their own through the lies we believe, the vows that we make, or by the suffering of a deeply painful past.  These can characterize our behavior and become a disturbing and disruptive part of our lives.  

Inner-healing asks the questions, what happened, what emotion is attached, who do you need to forgive? After we do our part, we can ask Jesus Christ to heal the root of the hurt and free us from the effects of that wound; how it hurt our relationship with God, with ourselves, and with other people. Ministry recipients are freed from the binding effects of their hurtful past. 



If you think this counseling ministry would help you, contact me today

God loves you so very much

The Lord is near and available to everyone. I would like the opportunity to help you in your relationship with God. He is "gentle and humble of heart and you shall find rest for your soul" Matthew 11:29


Do you need a new chapter in your life?



The Bible has practical, applicable answers. 
Together lets open up the door to the great hope and restoration found in Christ


Got questions?

Questions about faith, the stature of women, the importance of father's? Do you want to talk to someone about the needs of your family, strategies for parenting, relationship issues, and other aspects about life? 

Answers from the Bible

I have partnered with Set Free Ministries to help individuals remove harmful and unhealthy strongholds.
I call it spiritual cleansing. Through Christ, we are able to pull out the strongholds that up to that point, were immoveable. Below is information about some of the outcomes of these ministries. 

Freedom Stories of Healing

Overwhelmed - Angela

Set Free  Foundations

Set  Free  for Military

A Church Resource

Shaun - Suicide

Below you'll find three ministries.


The first is Answers from the Bible, biblically sorting out life's questions and finding answers for relationships, mental health, and everyday living.


The second is Inner Healing Prayer Ministry, a very powerful way of emotional healing through the power of the Holy Spirit.


The third is Spiritual Cleansing, a method of pulling out overwhelming strongholds that up to that point, were immoveable. 


The Three Ministries

If you think this counseling ministry would help you, contact me today

If you think this counseling ministry would help you, contact me today

Inner-healing Prayer Ministry

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Spiritual Cleansing

The military branch of Set Free Ministry is located in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Churches can receive ministry support through Spiritual Cleansing Ministries.

Discover the foundations of Set Free Ministries of Grand Rapids MI., and

The Women's Counselor's Spiritual Cleansing Ministries of Midland, MI.

What is Inner Healing?