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I have several methods that reduce, and many times, dissolve emotional pain. In my speaking engagements, I teach audiences some of these methods so that they can use them whenever they like!

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I enjoy serving the body of Christ by speaking and teaching on topics that are on the top of women's minds. Concerns such as motherhood, being a stay-at-home-mom, improving your marriage, adjusting to the changes in your children, pregnancy, menapause, empty nest, going back to work, going back to school, finding friendships, and taking care of older parents are just a few of the topics my speaking engagements can touch.

Life can be hard, no two ways about it, issues such as anxiety, depression, lack of control, loss and grief,
divorce, isolation, over-responsibility, being an adult child of a substance abuser, lack of attachment, parenting a troubled child, parenting a special needs child, financial difficulties, work/life balance, and the like. I take difficult subjects and break them down into manageable pieces; teaching your audience how to handle tough issues with intelligence, knowledge, and grace.