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We are living in an age that our mothers could only dream of! This is a time in history were women, and those who love them, can get relief from emotional pain through best practice therapies.


Just as doctors use biofeedback to help patients strengthen muscles, as a therapist, I train my care-receivers in biofeedback to strengthen their emotional stamina.



I use EMDR to help people break free from trauma. During Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, you think about the trauma while your eyes follow a pointer.  This helps your brain process your memories and reduce your negative feelings about the memories.


Therapies instead of Pharmaceuticals 

Therapies developed by Dr. Alex Loyd, Dr. Jim Wilder, and Dr. Karl Lehman

I use several best practices developed by brain and emotional regulation pioneers who combine recent advances in neuroscience and brain research with a solid Christ-centered approach to issues such as addictions, trauma, abuse, or painful relationships. These  trauma-dissolving therapies and therapies to dissolve painful emotions are revolutionizing the field.


I have a unique practice with a variety of conventional and advanced methods that make a profound difference in women's lives.

Women from a wide variety of ages and socio-economic and cultural backgrounds experience emotional healing and answers to life's difficult problems through my practice.

For years I have had the honor of helping women online, on phone, and in my office.


If you want emotional healing for thoughts, feelings, and beliefs,

If you need emotional healing to change actions and behaviors,

If you or a loved one needs relief from mental anguish,

I will help you with these therapeutic methods


You will also receive full instructions on how to integrate these processes in the privacy of your home.


Clear negative emotions     Break destructive habits     Get solutions


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Best Practice Therapies for Emotional Healing